Age is just a number
The white hair is just a colour

You still have a strong body
To lift the burden of an entire family
You still get up at 7 in the morning
And work till late in the evening
Your BP numbers are definitely high
But you just don’t show any stressful signs
The money that you make is never for you
For your happiness lies in giving us the entire share
You never held my hand and made me walk
You always allowed me to fall and get up with a bang
The whipping from the cane was not easy for you
To stop that tear from flowing out was unseen by all
For our betterment you took many harsh steps
But silently u were weeping while u slept
The memories of listening to the old music in the dawn
Will remain etched forever till I’m gone
Let me thank you today for the sacrifices you made
Let me tell you sorry for being so late
Let me fulfill all your wrapped wishes
Calm down now , Slow down now
Take a little rest, spend your time in you little nest
Allow me to share the burden and take your journey ahead
Bless me to be as strong as you
And love my family as selflessly as you.


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