A shapeless clay that was moulded into a beautiful art,
Those imprecise words that now gives an inspiring speech,
Those black and white moments that brightened my future,
My success stories are forever indebted to you,
From helping me find my inner talent,
To showcase it confidently to the world,
You never gave up on me even when I lost my faith in myself,
The challenges you faced during a change in system,
You did not let it show during any of ur sessions
You made it seem like it was a cakewalk for you
But you slogged day and night to get the hang of the latest technology and open yourself to the digital world,
Like a parent  who is unbiased to all their children,
Now I know why you are referred to as our second parent,
Thank you for making me a better person,
Thank you for imbibing us with knowledge of science, art and technique,
Thank for imbibing us with knowledge of love and wisdom
Thank u for choosing to be a Teacher,
And change the lives on daily basis for betterment of the world.


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