The Cradle

I lay wide awake staring at the empty cradle beside my bed,
Two little feet and tiny hands bid me goodbye in no time,
My eyes then gazing down at my flat belly,
That was protruding like a huge balloon sometime back,
‘She can’t conceive again’ I heard them say,
My whole world came crashing down with those words,
I wanted to scream until all my bones break,
I cursed every God in the universe,
For giving me this fateful life,
They say every cloud has silver lining,
The very next moment my cradle was filled with a cry,
A baby who was unknown of his mother’s death,
Was placed before me for a motherly love,
I now knew my motive in life,
I was chosen to be a Yashoda for this little Krishna,
My empty cradle was once again joyous from the cries of this little miracle,
Little feet and tiny hands held me tight,
To unfold the destiny of our lives hand in hand.


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