The Love Ballad of Earth and Rain

The Love Ballad of the Earth and Rain❤🌎🌧

When she is suffering from the scorching heat of the sun,
When she is sweating and anxiously waiting for a splash
Silently the love of her life comes and drenches her
Banishing her prolonged misery
The love ballad of the earth and rain is unspoken of, unheard of
The passionate love releases a beautiful fragrance,
The fragrance of love which heals the inner despair,
The trees witnessing their love dance in glee,
Along with the wind they perform a ballet,
The Sun slowly rises to have a glance,
The smile that surfaces is full of vibrant colours,
The blissful intimacy after a respite
Now had to end for them to survive
The earth couldn’t take much,
For it had it’s own limitations
The rain quietly drifted with a promise to be back again,
The Earth and Rain parted with beautiful memories,
The last showers that came witnessed the thunders and lighting,
They had arrived to take the him back with the same pomp and show,
When they came to drop him to his love
Rain rain it went away, fulfiling the desires of his dear life.

Written By: Neesha Shetty


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