She was just born when she was buried deep down,
After a day of lying still,
She cried out loud to be heard by the town,
The crowd gathered to witness the miracle,
They said she was guarded in the Mother Earth’s womb,
She grew 15 in an orphans world,
Then she was sent to a family for her care,
She was yet again thrown in a  dark dungeon,
To the beasts who charged their manhood every night,
No one to see her tears flowing down,
No loud cry was heard by the town,
She was a survivor she was told by many,
And a escape plan she laid down in a jiffy.
Now at 20 she held her head high,
The story of her survival was known to all,
She was a Survivor and an epitome of feminity,
Born from the soil and back to nature’s womb
She left behind a troop of survivors fostered under her wings


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