Love sex Dhoka

Mehek, a fun-loving, adventurous woman lives life with an attitude “live life to the fullest.” On one of her treks, she met Raj, her current husband. They were madly in love with each other. They set a great example of marriage goals for the rest to follow. Soon they decided to tie the knot. The first two years of marriage were lovely and divine, but suddenly Mehek began to lose interest in Raj. She adored Raj and cared for him, but making love with him never ignited her desire. She was feeling incomplete and lonely right now.

She gradually began to drift away from Raj. To escape her boredom, she began to go clubs on a regular basis. On one such occasion, she ran across an old school friend, Vikrant. She struck up an instant connection with him and then began the series of meetings. Clubs, café shops, and short vacations were all planned. Mehek felt alive for the first time in a long time, and she knew she was falling for Vikrant.

On a chilly December night, she planned a romantic evening with Vikrant. She lied to Raj about where she was. She changed into a long slit red backless gown and snuck out of the house before Raj arrived. As she entered the five-star hotel, she noticed Vikrant, who was dressed in a black tuxedo that complemented his perfectly toned body. She just wanted to pull off his clothes and make love to him right then and there. When he called her out of her daydream, she snapped out of it. They went to the rooftop, holding each other’s hands, and ordered the dinner. Mehek was just staring at Vikrant, and the delicious food had no effect on her tastebuds; all she wanted to do was lay naked with Vikrant.

After finishing their dinner, they both went to Vikrant’s place. His house’s beautiful intricate designs captivated her. His home was an ideal romantic place for any couple. Then Vikrant grabbed her waist from behind and began caressing her. This was the moment Mehek had been waiting for, and she let herself drown in her feelings. After nearly a year, she had the most lovely sensual night. She fell asleep thinking about their amazing lovemaking encounter.

She was woken awake by a strange noise coming from the adjacent room. She noticed Vikrant was not on the other side of the bed. She put on Vikrant’s T-shirt and walked towards the sound. She froze as she opened the door, witnessing the most horrible scene of her life. Vikrant was topless, sharpening the blades of a massive butcher knife, and the entire room was filled with female heads. Her body felt lifeless, and she stood frozen, unaware of what was going on around her. She broke out of her numbness and tried to run away, but Vikrant grabbed her and slowly cut her throat while humming a romantic song.

He relished in every moment of her blood spurting and kissed the nape of her blood-splattered neck. Vikrant was a psychopath who beheads a woman betraying her spouse. Mehek was also among them, and she paid a heavy price.


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