Nine nights of dance – version 1

Ninenightsofdance – version 1

Swirling in her beautiful embroidered peach lehenga,
She danced with all her might,
Her moves so graceful , she was blessed by the Gods,
Her legs moving so freely , seemed to never touched the ground,
Alas, her emotions missed to match her grace,
She danced like a Goddess in distress,
Days passed , the nine nights of dance was nearing it’s end,
I yearned to know the hidden emotions,
It killed me to see her dying under those feelings,
Ninth day of the dance I swore to have a closure,
Feeling her in my arms wanting to share her
Disruption by the sudden loud music,
I am back to reality, to see her standing in front of me,
Her bright red lehenga perfectly fitting her waist,
Her blouse covering her bosom so beautifully,
Looking like an angel sent from heaven.
As if reading all my thoughts she whispered in my ears
‘The demon is killed, I killed him’,
‘The man who crumbled my soul physically and emotionally is dead’
Taken aback with those words ,
I saw a sudden splurge of emotion trickling down her eyes,
A emotion of victory and happiness,
She was back into the crowd again ,
Yet again dancing with all her might
But now accompanied by her loud laughter
The nine nights of dance was to attain the universal strength,
To put an end to a prolonged misery,
The nine nights of dance was to bring out the Durga in her,
To assassinate another Mahishasura.


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