The nine nights of dance version 2

Let her swirl in her beautiful lehenga,
Let her show her graceful moves without any inhibitions,
She is a God’s child, born to sway freely
The nine nights of dance are her gifted days,
Let her dance to attain all the universal powers,
Power to love and spread peace,
Power to be strong and set the right laws,
Power to create a world worthy of living,
Don’t diminish all powers
For she is the one to make this world a better place,
Don’t kill all her innocence,
For that will unleash a torrendous storm from within her,
Destroying the mankind with her dance of death,
Gracefulness would still be in her moves,
But for the eyes it would be a horror stricken visual,
Let us pray and worship her beautiful soul ,
Awakening her demon powers ,
Will only cast an irreversible spell ,
The curse of which will erase every human form forever.


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