True love ❤

There she stood in her red wine dress
Her hair tied in a messy bun
She stood tall like a goddess of love
Her dress wrapped across her body
Adorning her beautiful curves
She gracefully turned towards d crowd
My eyes fixed on her, gazing at her every move
She suddenly found me and her lips formed a curve
I stood there still while she approached to give me a hug
Wait, why are my senses betraying me now
Why was I acting with fear
I need to grip her tight before she vanishes among the masses
I haven’t slept a single day from the time I met her first
She walked past me in a temple tat was managing a heavenly feast
I wasn’t sure what it was I was fifteen and a young lad then
Today that I m 30 and i know d definition of love
I want to grab her and make her mine
I immediately walked to her and touched her soft skin
Pulled her away taking her to the backyard
She was scared and shivering unknown to my deeds
And I gently placed my hands on her cheek to rub a tear away
I kneeled down and said I love u
She held my shoulders and made me stand
Then she gently unhooked her front button exposing her cleavage
She slightly pushed her dress aside to show a Tattoo that had my name
What m I dreaming,
All these years I thought to end my one sided love
And here she stood with my name inked on her skin
The pain of those needles gives me shivers
I gently placed a kiss on her nude gentle skin
I cover her up hooking her buttons
Holding her in my arms I chose to be her forever
My lips immediately found it’s way to her gentle soft pink lips
In seconds we were lost in our Loveland
Back into the crowd we walk again
Stealing glances at each other over and over again
Few days of courtship we declared our love
And in the same temple we are married with great pomp and show
True love always has won and the wait has ended with more love
I share her body along with mine
Two bodies , two souls have finally become one


The Broken Soul

You are like a mystery
Trapped in your own history
Your smiles are not real
You have a dark story which you fear
You seem to be normal
But your soul is shaken
The glasses that cover your eyes
Are moist with your cries
Your life is in a turmoil
You are sinking towards a dark tunnel
Time will heal everything they say
But memories and nightmares stay
The heart that was filled with love and happiness
Is now a hollow room, full of emptiness
Your only wish has now come true
The colour of your favorite sheets
Has put you in state of tranquil
The fragrance of the roses
Has taken you away from all miseries
You will now sleep in peace
The peace that you have always deared
The pain that you endured all through
Has finally bid you goodbye
And on the other side you are happy and glee once again
Without any cries.

Recovery during Crisis

You cried all through the years
But none could hear
You were in constant fear
Coz the end was near
The fear was not your end
But your children
There was no ways to mend
But only to watch till the end
The end would heal your body
But your soul would depart
With your children’s dead bodies
Why was it necessary to be so nice
When we did not respect you in due time
Why did you give us so much
When we could not give you
A loving touch
You deserved better Maa
The earth you created for your children
Could never be Yours
A lesson was what we needed
And healing is what you desired
Now we get a balance of both
Sorry to Mother Earth

Quarantine Family

Quarantine mode is on
The house is stacked with groceries in tonnes
The economy has fallen
But the love for family has risen
The maids are absent
With no assistance
But the family showed it’s presence
Cooking and washing was never so much fun
For breakfast my son
Prepared some buns
Chatting the whole day
We realized there was so much to say
Beds that were meant just to lay
Became a place to be happy and gay
We pray to Lord for things to be fine
But secretly we want this never ending
Family time

That Incomplete Love

Like a breeze you entered my life
The calmness in me
Came back in  no time
You stood far away giving me those short glances
My heart skipped a beat and waited for more chances
Your magnetic smile and charismatic eyes
Was enough for me to fall in love at first sight
Every step you took towards me
A storm was forming within me
The touch of ur hand
Was like a magic wand
The words from your mouth
Was like a poetic sound
But Before I could react
You slid your hand away
In the blink of a eye
You were far away
I waited endlessly for you
But you went with no good bye
My empty heart filled your name
And the sudden outburst made me insane
Neither were you wrong nor was I
But the feelings were strong
To overpower my soul and mind
A decade has passed since we met
Yet you are tucked safely in my heart
The memories we had
Were enough to keep me alive…
Now tat i have fallen in love again
And someone else’s Mrs
My emotions and body are controlled by his kisses
A sweet memory you were
And will always be there
That first sight love exists
My heart knows now
Everytime someone says first love
My heart whispers your name even now.